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DACHFest Cloud is the first cloud focused installment of the nonprofit tech conference DACHFest. Organized and prepared by various Google Developer Groups (GDG) and Women Techmakers (WTM) communities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

GDGs and WTMs are open, volunteer geek communities who carry out exciting projects and share experience about Google technologies and technology in general.

The DACHfest Cloud will be happening at November 23. in the new office of codecentric AG in munich. To keep track of any updates follow us on Twitter @dachfest. Also follow the hashtags #DevFest19 and #DACHfest. We'll also be emailing important information to all registered attendees, along with the check-in instructions prior to the conference.

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Codecentric AG Munich

Grafinger Straße 27A, 81671 München

We are super happy to have codecentric AGs new office directly next to the eastern railway station of Munich. The best way to reach is by S-Bahn Ostbahnhof station.


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What kinds of tickets do you offer?

All our ticket tiers offer the same kind of access; there's no extras or special sign-ups.

Why is the price different then?

We are a non-profit event driven by the community, and we try to keep our tickets as close to being at-cost as we can.
If your employer covers your ticket, we are asking for the company to bear the full ticket cost. If you pay for your ticket yourself—especially if you're a student without an opportunity to work full-time—we want to help you, and that's why our self-funded and student tickets come at a reduced price.

Can I buy a ticket for someone else?

Awww, please do! ❤️ When buying a ticket (or several tickets at once), you will be asked to specify the recipient's name for each one. You can also fill in the names later—in case you want to pre-purchase a batch of tickets for your employees, for example.

Are the tickets transferrable?

There's no established procedure, but get in touch at, and we'll see what we can do.
Keep in mind that the badges are pre-printed a bit in advance, so if you want to transfer your ticket on a very short notice, your ticket recipient might end up getting a badge with your name on it. That would be pretty funny though, so we don't actually mind.

Will the talks be recorded?

We can not yet confirm, that we will have a session recording this year. Although we work hard to get one and record each talk, unless the speaker explicitly requested for their talk not to be.

Can't go, but I'd love to watch the talks live. Is there a stream?

There will be no live stream. So maybe you can still come?

Will there be photography?

Yes, the event will be photographed and videographed.

Do you have a code of conduct?

Yes. We have a code of conduct that everyone agrees to comply with when buying a ticket, as well as two supplementary documents: violation reporting guidelines that you might want to read if you want to be more efficient at reporting a code of conduct violation, and incident response guidelines for our staff.

I generally don't feel welcomed at tech events. Is yours different?

We certainly hope so, and we are trying our best to make everyone feel included and happy at DACHFest. We care about your dietary requirements, accessibility needs, picture preferences, and pronouns.

What about accessibility?

We have a detailed accessibility statement where you can get all the information you need.

Will you have gender-neutral bathrooms?

Unfortunatly not, several bathrooms will be designated as gender-neutral.

What is there to do?

We are going to have talks, hands-on workshops, demo areas and booths from our sponsors, a lot of networking opportunities. There will be community and project presentations, too, as well as some after-hour activities that we will announce later!

Will there be food?

We will serve lunch on both days, and coffee throughout the event. If you have dietary restrictions, there is a field to specify them while buying your ticket.

Are the talks in English or German?

All DACHFest talks are given in English.

Is there a dress code?

There is no enforced dress code, be comfortable and casual. Please make sure your idea of "comfortable and casual" complies with our code of conduct though.

Can I smoke?

Please do not smoke or vape in the venue or near the entrance—it can make other attendees uncomfortable.

Our Sponsors

Without theese sponsors an event like this would not be possible. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor we have different packages available just reach out to us.

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